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Dubai Custom Registration

Dubai Custom Authority is one of the leading government departments as it sees the inflow and outflow of trade is smooth and easy. The customs have existed for more 100 years now and have gone through several phases. It keeps a vigilant eye on Dubai’s borders which indeed leads to a strong economic and social development. As per the ratings of IMD world competitiveness centre, UAE has topped under efficient customs procedure.

The Business activity one is conducting needs to register with customs authority accordingly. An entity can register for more than one service depending upon the license they hold. But before registering, one should make sure the item need to import is not coming under banned items. UAE norms are very strict in dealing with the import of banned items.

Here is the list of restricted items

Pets and Domestic animals

  • Pre Approval required
  • Also, Might conduct Medical test of animals


  • Customs pertaining to control import of food items for non-commercial purpose

Medicines and Drugs

  • Tourist needs to be cautious about medicines they carry while they travel to UAE. Hence to avoid any such circumstances tourist can carry their doctor’s prescription
  • Brining medicines in bulk required prior approval


  • This includes artwork whether physical or electronic, it should not disagree with Islam values. If found with any such item, one may get fined, Jailed or even deported.

Technical Equipment

  • Such as Satellite phones, Listening or recording devices, Radio transmitter, Powerful cameras/Binoculars, requires approval from Telecommunication Regulatory Authority.

Cigarettes and Alcohol

  • Ones age should be above 18 years
  • Amount of alcohol should not exceed 4 liters
  • No. of Cigarettes should not exceed 400 or It value should not exceed 2000 AED and value of cigars possessed by passengers shouldn’t exceed 3000 AED.

Benefits of Customs:

  • It limits the revenue by minimizing the possibility of revenue leakage by wasting time and efforts
  • It helps to assess risk involved
  • Being lower interdiction rates, it allows to focus more on risky consignments
  • One should re-organize his/her HR structure and hire more competent workforce to cope with the trade movement in Dubai.
  • Technically intelligence focus to reduce physical handling of goods
  • Meet each and every clients requirements and open for opinions and views and sharing more and more information
  • Sharing intelligence information strategically so that it reaches to correct person only
  • Consistently controlling borders and coordinating with other government bodies to ensure the limit of restricted goods and safeguard customs laws and norms
  • Receiving data based on goods classification and documentation, further using this data for strategic planning.